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Take care of yourself!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Take care of yourself and loved ones. Get plenty of sleep. Eat healthy. Drink water.

Originally published in CenterPoint Counseling's Christmas Tips

Therapists Scott Sweet and Carol Hornbeck describe how maintaining routine when it comes to sleeping, eating and drinking water have positive effect on our bodies, as well as children’s, during this stressful season. While it is tempting to suspend regular bedtimes and allow children to stay up later,

Many “melt-downs” can be avoided if children get enough sleep and maintain their regular meal schedules.

  Also, even though there is controversial research about the effects of refined sugar and highly processed foods, but it seems clear that if children fill up on too many holiday treats, they will be missing the vital nutrients their young growing bodies require to stay healthy.  By all means celebrate family rituals by doing things like baking and decorating cookies together, but explain to children that since it is your job as a parent to keep them healthy, sweets must be limited.

In addition, if you can learn to breathe even a little bit better, you can notice an impact that supports overall wellness.  One medical report reports that 75% of our physical ailments are a result of poor breathing.  Makes sense as we become stressed, we instinctively begin to breath differently.  Breathing consciously a few minutes every day will help our brain which consumes about 25% of the oxygen of our body.  Help the brain get oxygen, sleep and water…it will take care of your spirit, mind and body.

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